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Everything I’d want to tell my mom about my summer in Rwanda… and maybe you’d like to hear it too!


A few of my recent posts…

  • [20] Bye Bye Blog + A Few Lessons from this Summer

    Well, I’ve officially been home in Colleyville for a week now (with a short trip to Galveston this past weekend)! It’s been a little hard readjusting to life here, but I was expecting that considering how much I had to adapt when I went to Rwanda. I’m so happy to be back with the people […]

  • [19] Halfway across the world… but not there yet (part 2)

    I’ve had a lot of travel incidents on this trip. From overpacked buses with unpublished schedules, taxis that run out of gas, and hitchhiking with bikes late at night, I’ve had to learn to be flexible when moving locations because so many things are out of my control. That’s part of international travel, right!? The […]

  • [18] Conclusion of Program

    On our last Friday in Rwanda, we had our final EWH program conference. All the groups returned from their rural hospital locations to Kigali, and we presented a summary of our experience to each other as well as to IPRC, Rwanda Ministry of Health, and Rwanda Biomedical Center. These three groups also spoke to us […]

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